Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My momma always said

My momma always said, a woman will leave for a lot of reasons, but a man never leaves unless he has another woman.

Hi Y'all.
I always wanted to blog, but thought, what would I blog about? Then, I attended my local writers' conference this past week-end, and one of the speakers talked about free, shameless, self-promotion. She said, if you're an author, you should be on Facebook, Twitter, and have a blog. So, here I am about to shamelessly promote myself.
My first novel, Laid Out and Candle Lit, a humorous romance mystery, is being published by Briona Glen Publishing. I'm not sure of the release date, but think it will be late 2011 or early 2012.

I'll be using this blog to post some Texas witticisms . . . some from the book, and some to be included in a new project I'm working on. I hope you'll check back from time to time, to see what's going on.
You can find me on Twitter . . . ann everett, Talkin' Twang
You can email me @ann.everett@rocketmail.com
Maybe you have some little witty you'd like for me to include in my next book...working title...You're Busting My Nuptials.
If so, send it to me. I'll give you credit if I use it.


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  1. Congrats on your blog, Patti. Looking forward to some chuckling remarks from you to brighten up my days.